Our theme this year is 'You Matter'

You were created in the image of God. You have a great personal destiny in God. And You also belong to the great family of God, the body of Christ. In this body which is the church, you have a significant part to play in the fulfillment of the great plans of God for you and the nation. We believe that 2018 is going to be our greatest and most significant year ever.

As Watoto Family, we believe that in 2018 we shall see the goodness and the favour of the Lord upon our lives, our families, our church, our city and nation.

We are absolutely confident about this because the Bible gives us this great assurance. So let us join together in this week of prayer and fasting.


Morning Glory: 6:30am – 7:45am; Lunch Time: 12:30pm - 1:45pm.
Evening of Prayer at Watoto Church Downtown:  12th Jan 2018, 6.00pm – 9.00pm 






 8 /01/18

Thanksgiving & Dedication - (Ps 92:1)

Ps 26:1-3,
Ps. 122:6,
Isaiah 61:3



 - Thank God for your life, family, Church, City & Nation
 - Dedicate your personal goals for 2018 to God   - Commit your family, the Church, City and Nation to God.



9 /01/18

Vision and Leadership - (PROV 29:18)

 Acts 4:24, 29-31

Thank God for the vision of the Watoto Church: Celebrating Christ, Caring for Community 


Pray for the celebrations;
 - For growth, planting of new celebration points, PowerFM
Prayer for community care;
 - Neighborhood (Education, Employment, Housing & Health Care) Cell ministry & Outreach 
Pray for the Church Leadership;
 - Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Administrators & Cell Leadership



10 /01/18

Resourcing The Vision - (Prov. 29:2, 6-9)

God has blessed us with:
 - Generosity in our giving
 - Partners (Local and International)

Acts 4:32-35

 - Thank God for the great resources God has entrusted us with: people, finances, property, good name etc.

 - Pray for the Volunteers

 - Pray for skills and good stewardship of the church property

 - Pray for God's blessing and multiplication over the regular income streams of the church (T&O, BGH and My MMO)

 - Pray for strategic partnerships that will help us resource the vision.



11 /01/18

The Nation ( 1Tim. 2:1-2 & Jer. 29:7)
 - Unity
 - Reconciliation
 - Political, Social and Economic Situation

Psalm 33:8,10-12

 - Thank God for our Nation

 - Pray for the leadership, unity, reconciliation, freedom and prosperity.

 - Pray for the transformation in the different spheres of our nation (Business, Government, Education, Arts & Entertainment etc.)

 - Pray for protection from insecurity, wars, famine, pestilence and against natural disasters



12 /01/18


1 Tim. 5:8,
Psalm 127,
Psalm 128,

Global attack on the Family and its values.  

 - Thank God for the gift of family and Pray for the fulfilment of God’s plans for our different families

 - Pray for Godly marriages, Pray for Godly legislation concerning family