We now have Morph Teens Service on NBS TV every Sunday at 9:00am

Watoto Teens Service - 26 November 2023


Sunday - Devotional
This will be the general direction for the week and what they should expect. This gives a description of what the topic is and the lessons to look out for and the memory verse of the week.

Monday - Adventure In The Word
On this day we will be opening our Bibles and Notebooks to read/Study the word. The memory verse will direct this reading: they can read the chapter or story from which the verse is taken out so as to understand context. Also, they should write down what they are learning

Tuesday – Free

Wednesday - Prayer (JAM) #JesusAndMe
Here we will give detailed info on prayer direction and what the Morpher can personally pray about. Always in line with our Weekly scripture or lesson

Thursday – Free

Friday - Voice Prompt Challenge – Youth Pastor/Worker
What we have learnt throughout the week, it’s time to make it practical. On this day you will be prompted to do/serve just like Jesus.

Saturday - Morph Cell
Cell will happen at Home: With parents, siblings or online on the Teen’s District WhatsApp group 


Click on the links below to download this week's resources.
History Makers Cell Guide 
or download the pdf of the guide here.

Monday - Kara Scripture
This is to help start off the week with that scripture that is going to affect the young people’s entire week. 

Tuesday -  Kara Devotion
This is to help the young people at individual basis to read the word of God and apply it in their normal lives while in this period. The devotions are based on encouragement during this season. 

Wednesday - Cell Guide
This is to influence meaningful discussions with each other and hence growth as a believer. They will come from our Twitter Topic on Sunday. Click here for History Makers Cell Guide.

Thursday - Kara Care
Pastoral care to Attachés- zonal leaders-sectional leaders-cell leaders. 

Friday - Kara Push
This is a day designated specifically to prayer and fasting for all young adults.

Saturday - Kara Reflection
Moment of understanding and appreciating how the week has been, preparing for Sunday. 

Sunday – Kara Online
This is the day that we expect all our young adults to attend service online, but also all be engaged in the Q&A on Twitter.