11 October 2015 


It’s awesome to see what God has done at Watoto Church in the last 31 years. His transformational love is transforming lives and, as a result, our nation. 

We are an English-speaking, cell-based community church, celebrating Christ, growing and multiplying as each one reaches one, touching those around us with the love of JESUS, bringing healing to the cities and the nations. All for the glory of God. 

We are seeing exponential growth at our celebration points and other ministries. And it's important for us to listen when God positions us for greater things to come. One of the ways to get us there is by embracing strategic changes in our leadership. 

We are excited to announce the following changes in our pastoral leadership: 

  • Joshua and Christine Mugabi who are pastors at Watoto Church Ntinda are stepping up to take on leadership of the Family Ministry at Watoto.
  • Eddie and Martha Mwesigye who are pastors at Watoto Church Lubowa are moving to Watoto Church Ntinda.
  • James and Debbie Lalobo from Watoto Church Bweyogere are moving to Watoto Church Lubowa.
  • Kenneth and Tricia Kanzairwe who are providing pastoral leadership at the Watoto Villages, are moving to Watoto Church Bweyogerere.
  • Daniel and Maria Ogwal who have been serving with the Watoto Children’s Choirs, are stepping up to provide pastoral oversignt at our Watoto Villages
  • Remmy and Joanna Muwonge, pastors at Watoto's Suubi Village, are moving to assist Eddie and Martha Mwesigye at Watoto Church Ntinda.
  • Stephen and Julia Banyikiza, who are assisting Eddie and Martha at Watoto Church Lubowa are stepping up to be pastors at Watoto Church Suubi.
  • Ivan and Olive Bisaaso, pastors at Watoto Church Gulu, are moving back to Watoto Church Downtown to get ready for a new Extension in 2016.
  • Victor and Miriam Obina, pastors at Watoto Church Laminadera, are moving to Watoto Church Gulu
  • Emma and Fiona David Lajul, who are youth workers at Watoto's Laminadera Village, are stepping up to become pastors at Watoto Church Laminadera.
  • Dora Wataba, our pastor to the children, will be stepping up to give pastoral oversight to a new ministry for School Outreach.
  • Robert and Mercy Sendegeya, who have excelled at serving with Watoto Children’s Choir, are stepping up to be pastors for Children’s Church.
These changes take effect on 1 January 2016, giving us time for transition.
“This is a good thing that God is doing and it’s going to take us a new level. I’m excited about the young couples who are coming in and taking pastoral roles in this church, so that we can truly become the great church that God wants us to be."
These changes are great and are positioning us for the future in fulfilling God’s vision for us to bring healing to cities and nations.