Watoto Church Marketplace Business Expo 2017 (16 to 17 June)

In line with our Ministry Mandate of ‘Building a network of Christians, equipping them to lead transformation of their workplaces by applying biblical principles, there is going to be a Marketplace Business Expo on Friday 16 (1pm-9pm) and Saturday 17 June 2017 (8am-7:30pm) at Watoto Church Downtown.

The Expo will be a 2-day Exhibition platform bringing together between 50 to 75 carefully selected Businesses to showcase their Product and/or Service offers to an expected audience of Watoto Church Congregation. Organized in partnership with Y-SAVE Savings & Cooperatives.

The Program will include:
1. Business Exhibition at Watoto Church Downtown
2. National 2017/18 Budget Review dialogue in the Auditorium on Friday 16 from 6:30pm to 8pm featuring a panel of successful and highly influential Marketplace Leaders in the Business Sector who will be analyzing the budget and its relevance to the everyday person, family, businesses and pointing the business opportunities there-in.
3. Business clinics on key Business issues on Saturday 17 June 2017 (10am-12pm).

We therefore encourage you to save the dates and come be part of this enriching encounter especially for the Business community. Also, if you own a Business and would like to be part of the limited admission of Exhibitors, pick up the forms at your respective Information tables this weekend after service from your respective Marketplace leaders listed below:

WC Kyengera Fiona Ibudi 0782673488

WC Ntinda Sandra Batte 0752241573

WC Lubowa Aloysius Masaba 0782536878

WC Bweyogerere Judith Emron 0700327727

WC Bugolobi/ Downtown Jimmy R. Ochen 0772349865

WC Kansanga Lazarus Mugabi 0776180267

WC Overall Coordinator Sarah Kabaale 0772120140



“I took on the position of head teacher in a UPE school when the school was in a dilapidated state. I managed to convince the teachers to teach without salary for several months. I also convicted parents to bring their children to the school driving the enrollment through the roof. Now the whole community is being transformed due to lower rates of school drops," says Simony Berna Olonya, Watoto Church Bweyogerere

With the tagline Equip, Influence, Transform, Watoto Marketplace aims to address needs of its members in the primary areas of the marketplace, career and finances. If you are a Christian professional seeing to grow in your career and finances, or desire to influence positive transformation, this is the ministry for you.

Areas of influence include: Education, Government, Celebration & Arts, Media & Communication, Church & Religion, Family, and Business & Economy.

“We had a perennial problem in the budget process where government claimed it did not have enough money to spend on drugs. I was able to look for all the money the government thought it was spending on drugs which was getting diverted, and I centralised in one purse to reduce wastage of tax payers’ money,” says Moses Kamabare, CEO National Medical Stores, Watoto Church Kyengera.

For more information, please email us at or visit the information tables at our celebration points.