Icebreaker: For those who have had camp, how did it go or how was camp? (Allow a few children to share their moments at camp). Ask the children to frog jump without touching or holding their friends for support. Whoever falls, steps out of the game.

Good reports: Ask the children to exercise. Each one Reach one by welcoming each other with a hand shake or a hug. (Get involved to make it interesting. Always encourage the children to give testimonies if any and share yours as well.)   

Praise & worship: Prepare songs of your choice and pick a few of the children to lead others in praise and worship.



TEXT: ESTHER 2:5-10, 4:15-17, 7:3-10

OBJECTIVE: By the end of cell, the children will learn that God calls each of us to serve at perfect or right time. It’s never the wrong timing or time.

Recap: What do you remember about last week’s cell time?

Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:5a

Way of Memorizing: BE CREATIVE

Bible Verse: Esther 2:5-10, 4:15-17, 7:3-10 (read it out to the children)


  1.  What do we learn from Esther’s story?
  2.  What would have happened if Esther did not act at the time she was supposed to?
  3. Why is important for us to serve now and not later when we are older?


From the story of Esther, we learn that she was chosen at the right time by God to the queen. Queens have access to the King and they have some power too. So, when Esther’s people needed her to rescue them from the plot to be killed by Haman, she did her very best. Even when she knew that going before the King could kill her, she did it anyway. Her and her people fasted, so she could gain favour before the King. Guess what? She was indeed favoured and the King listened to her during a banquet that she had prepared and she was able to save her people at the right time.

Today, you are the leader that God has chosen to serve the people around you and just like Esther, manage or use your time well to serve other now. For example, do your homework in time, sleep in time, go to church in time, when there’s somebody who needs help, don’t wait for somebody else to help them, now is the time for you to serve them just like Esther did. Do not be afraid because God is with you, just like He was with Esther. She could have been killed but she had courage to face the King for the sake of her people to be saved from death. Esther trusted God and so should you. Let’s pray.

Prayer time:

Pray for the following items you could add others as well. (And have a child conclude each prayer item). God to help you be a servant leader and serve people now even though I am still young, I know, you are with me and you will give us the courage to serve no matter what.

Conclusion: Your parents can also help you to see the ways in which you can serve others, so go ahead and ask them today, “How can I serve you today?” or even your friends and grand parents and teachers and even the policeman and shopkeeper where you stay. Your time to serve is now as a leader.

Share the Vision: Encourage the children to come with one more person or two every time they come for cell.


  1. Thanks again for the commitment in Jesus’ name.
  2. Get time in the week and go through the guide and also pray that God may do his will as you teach the lesson. Prepare appropriately before cell starts.
  3. Please remember to report when you meet with the children and also when you don’t meet.