Children's Cell Leaders Guide: 29 September 2018

Icebreaker: Play a game called; Blind folds, get a handkchief or duct tape or anything you can use to tie someone’s eyes and they don’t see.

Good reports: Allow the children to give testimonies of what God has done in their lives from last week.

Praise & worship: Please allow the children to lead worship so as to encourage them



Text: JEREMIAH 29:5-7; 11-13

Objective: By the end of cell, the children will learn that it’s important to look at Uganda as a place that God has given to us as an inheritance and that we ought to take care of it, pray for it and speak life to our nation, Uganda.

Bible lesson: JEREMIAH 29:5-7; 11-13

Read the bible text to the children, and please find a better teaching technique to deliver the lesson appropriately.

Explain: Seek peace and success for Uganda. This means we should encourage one another more than fighting with one another and arguing with each other in Uganda.

Memory Verse: Psalm 33: 12a “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”

Way of Memorizing: Ask the children to come up with a rap song and let it be your theme song for this season.

Life Application:

Allow the children to share each and everything they like and would like to pray for Uganda to get better. Let them also share the positive thoughts or things they think would encourage them to love one another. 

Conclusion: Uganda is our country however much we keep on running away from it and saying or doing bad things about it. This is our time and generation for us to do the right things and to stand for our country (At this point you can remind the children about the Uganda motto- FOR GOD AND MY GOD)

Prayer time: Pray continuously as the Spirit leads.

Share the vision: Clap for the children who brought someone to cell. Encourage them to invite their friends and neighbours to come for cell.


  1. Thank you so much for serving the Lord our God, May He richly bless you and add on to you.
  2. Please take some time in the week and pray for the lessons you deliver to the children so that God may use you to transform and deliver children as you pass on the message.