CELL LEADER’S GUIDE: 11 December 2019 

Icebreaker: What are you looking forward to this Christmas?

Worship: Worship the Lord in song! 

2020 Goal Setting

As we come to the close of the year, we can look back with thanksgiving on what God has done. He also has a lot more in store for us next year. So, take some time as a cell to set goals for 2020. The goal setting is in five themes; Spiritual Growth, Relationship building, Numeric growth, Community care and Engagement in celebration services. 

Text: Proverbs 16:3, Isaiah 32:8  

a) Spiritual Growth 

1. What one thing are you committing to as a Cell family to grow spiritually next year?

2. How often do you plan to set apart time to pray and fast together (prayer in cell, prayer walks) as a cell next year? e.g. Monthly, Quarterly etc.

3. How many of your members that haven’t completed Discipleship/training classes are committing to enroll next year? e.g. Adventure, Evangelism explosion etc

b) Relationship building

1. How do you plan to build/improve relationships amongst the Cell members next year? e.g. Celebrate one another, birthdays, do rotational hosting etc..

c) Numeric Growth

1. How many new people do you plan to retain in cell by end of year? e.g. Each member to reach and retain one.

2. How many Cells do you plan to birth/plant next year?

d) Community

1. Number of seed projects/Community care activities to be done and when?

2. Budget to contribute towards Regional/Zonal Community projects

3. Commit to Caring for one vulnerable woman in your neighbourhood. Identify and suggest any vulnerable women in the neighborhood.

e) Celebration

1. How do you commit to Engage in the Celebration services; e.g. attending, volunteering, inviting regularly inviting someone.

As a cell leader, find time to discuss these with your section leader as well. 


  • Christmas Cantata 2019! Mark your calendar: 17th -23rd December at Watoto Church Downtown. Plan to invite family, a friend or colleagues.
  • It is a season to give and be generous, please don't forget to bring used items i.e Home appliances, electronics, cars, furniture, plastics and machinery on 7th and 8th December to your respective Watoto Campuses in preparation for the garage sale on 14th December. For further inquiry, please call/text/Whatsapp 0782830470, 0776399266
  • Sponsor a Life Today with a monthly donation of 70,000 ugx. Our on-going sponsors, we have a Christmas card for you. Please pass by the sponsorship tables at your celebration point and pick it up. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Faith Over Fear
Celebrating Christ, Caring for Community