Guidelines for Online Cell Meetings.

  1. Identify and agree on an online cell meeting time and online platform that is suitable for everybody and communicate well ahead of time. Start the meeting on time; share a question at a time and allow members make their contributions before going to the next discussion point. Encourage members to avoid interrupting on-going discussions, e.g., by posting unrelated issues or videos.
  2. For members that cannot access the chat (might not have a smart phone), please communicate with them and find a way of sharing the guide with them; ask them to make their contributions and prayer requests which you can share on the group chat. 


ICEBREAKER:  If you could choose to walk in someone's shoes for a week, whose would you pick and why?

WORSHIP: "Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name." Psalm 103:1


TEXT: Matthew 16:13-19; 1 John 3:1-3; John 1:12-13

  1. From the text Matthew 16:13-19. What does Jesus say about His Church and what is the implication of His words to us today?
  2. In Christ, we are family. At Watoto Church, we do life as family in cells (small groups). These are the pillars of a healthy cell:

i) Meaningful relationships

ii) Spiritual growth

iii) Leadership development

iv) Community engagement

Share how as a cell, you will practically engage in each of these four pillars above.

  1. Spend time in prayer. Pray for cell revival and your personal needs.


You can give your crane in cell through mobile money:

  • MTN MoMo pay, dial *165 * 3#, momo code 148775
  • Airtel money dial *185 * 9# Code 700,000

For more giving details go to


1. Watoto rescues vulnerable children & places them in loving families where their physical needs are met & are provided with everything they need to become healthy, whole & discover their purpose in Jesus. This year, we’re asking you to help us find one more amazing Sponsor/partner just like you. Each one of us can reach one other person & help change a child’s life forever. Call or WhatsApp office line 0779-676559 or visit or email us on for more info.   

2. Job Opportunities: Watoto is seeking to recruit a Child Development Officer to support early childhood development needs of the children; and Mothers to take care of the children living in the Watoto Homes in any of our locations. For more information, visit the website:

3. For any counselling needs, get in touch with us through our counselling phone lines on +256776260007 or +256776260071 for someone to talk to. 

Celebrating Christ, Caring for Community