CELL LEADER’S GUIDE: 23 October 2019  

Icebreaker: Assuming you are edible; what would you rather be, a starter or dessert?

Worship: “Worship the LORD with joy; come before Him with happy songs!” Psalm 100:2  

Beyond Blessed: Tools

Today, we want to highlight some TOOLS that can help us increase our stewardship ability so that when the master takes account/ takes stock, we shall be found to be faithful and more will be entrusted to us.

Text: Luke 14:28-31, Matthew 25:16-17, 2 Corinthians 9:10-11.

1. Share some of the tools of good stewardship and living a beyond blessed life that are highlighted in the texts above.

2. We learnt from the weekend’s sermon that to live a beyond blessed life we have to;

  • Spend wisely,
  • Invest wisely and
  • Give generously.

How do you plan to personally improve in each of the above areas?

Let’s commit our financial goals and plans to God in prayer; and pray for the MyMMO this weekend; that together as church family, we’ll be able to give so generously.


  • We are only a few days from My Miracle Missions Offering (MyMMO) happening this weekend, 26 & 27 October 2019 at all Watoto Church locations. We hope you have set aside your offering and are ready celebrate as we give together as a church family. Come and let’s sing and dance to the goodness of the Lord.

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