Watoto Church Home Cell: 12 December 2018

Icebreaker: Challenge every cell member to sing a chorus of their favourite Christmas Carol, and ask them to share with the cell why it is their favourite.

Worship: Prepare 2 songs (including a Christmas carol) before cell, send a text to the cell members to get the lyrics and ask someone to lead as you sing and worship together. 

JESUS: The Perfect Light!

As we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ this Christmas; we started a new sermon series: Jesus: The Perfect Light!

Text: Isaiah 9:2, John 8:12 

1. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "Light overcomes darkness?"     

2. Share some examples from the Bible (Gospels) where people experienced the life-giving light of Jesus in overcoming spiritual and physical darkness. (Encourage each other through these stories)

3. Matthew 5:14-16. How can we as a cell shine the perfect light of Jesus to the people experiencing darkness around us this Christmas season?

4. Care for one another in prayer, and also pray that the perfect light-Jesus will shine in the hearts of men this Christmas season. 


1. Just in case as a cell you haven’t brought Christmas gifts for our Watoto Children yet, please be reminded to drop the gift at your celebration point or at Watoto Church Downtown during the week. See gift ideas here.

2. Christmas Cantata 2018  #PerfectLight 18 to 24 December Watoto Church Downtown; plan to invite friends and family for this amazing production.

3. Super Cell Sunday is on, 30th December 2018. Begin to plan as a cell, section or zone, and let’s prepare to celebrate Christ BIG in our communities. Note: Super Cell is every last Sunday of the year where we do service differently; in our cells in the community and tune in 104.1 powerFM for an inspirational message from our Team Leader Ps. Gary Skinner.

4. Partner with us in reaching out to communities around us by signing up as a POWERFM PARTNER or by contributing financially through our Mobile Money lines; 0776106104 or 0700104104.


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Celebrating Christ, Caring for Community