Watoto Church owes its growth and vision to a Godly and effective structure, where church governance is carried out by a team of God-fearing men and women. The leadership is responsible for the general oversight of the church and its ministries.

Church Council

Watoto Church has a leadership structure, with the Church Council at its apex. It is the overall policy organ of Watoto Church and all its ministries. The council is responsible for strategic policy decisions as well as the management and smooth running of the church. It is made up of the Pastoral Team, the Elders' Team and the Deacons' Team.

Pastoral Team

The pastoral team of Watoto Church is made up of a cohesive team of men and women who have worked together to build God's house in Uganda. They are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church and its membership. Their approach to ministry is holistic and hence, the fruit thereof is an enhancement of the whole man - spirit, soul and body.

Deacon's Team

The deacons' team is responsible for the physical needs of the church.

Their responsibilities include:

Elders' Team

The elders' team is responsible for governing the direction of the church, guarding its doctrines, and together with the pastoral team, provide direction and authority within the church, encouraging and empowering members of the congregation to do what God has given them the ability to do.