Winnie is an intelligent and determined 22-year-old, who dreams of becoming a lawyer someday. While Winnie is studying to fulfill her goals at a local university in Uganda, she knows what it means to face challenges. Born with sickle cell anemia, Winnie has faced serious health battles throughout her life. She learned early on in life that she wouldn’t be able to run around, play or go to school uninterrupted like most other children.

“When I was young, the doctors told me that I would not live beyond five years old. I didn’t fully understand at the time, but I was in pain all the time,” says Winnie.

As a little girl, not only did Winnie have to deal with the restrictions her illness placed on her life, but she also had to come to terms with losing her father. Winnie’s mother did everything she could to make ends meet. But with little education and no help from relatives or friends, their situation soon became desperate.

It was at this time that her mother was referred to Watoto. After receiving the relevant training, Winnie’s mother was invited to serve as a Watoto mother in one of our villages. Along with seven other children her mum was given to care for, Winnie received a home, all the medical attention she needed, an education to match her spirited personality, and a beautiful family who valued and loved her.

“Here I am today in university and, although life is not easy, I am grateful to God everyday that I am still alive,” she says. Winnie has had one surgery so far, and as a result of frequent hospitalisation, has been unable to fulfill the requirements to pursue a degree in Law.

She still is focused on her dream of graduating university, but needs further medical procedures, which can only be done outside of Uganda.

“I was not able to study for one year due to my illness. I thank my Watoto family for always taking care of me, paying huge medical bills and giving me a beautiful home and a family. I have faith that one day I will live a normal life and pursue my future aspiration of becoming a lawyer so that I can fight injustice in society,” says Winnie.

We want to thank our sponsors and partners for helping us take care of children like Winnie and giving them the opportunity to live a life full of hope.

Winnie is filled with a determination to succeed, but desperately needs a costly surgery outside of Uganda. We need to raise $45,000 USD in order to help Winnie. Would you consider making a life saving donation today to ensure Winnie gets the medical care needed to help her live a full life?