TRAIN 2019

Transform the leadership culture of your organization with TRAIN (Download Brochure), an initiative that brings together certified LEADERSHIP and BUSINESS coaches with the best practice training courses such as John Maxwell, Marshal Goldsmith, Insights Discovery, Leadership Academy and Integreat Leadership.                            

Dates: 5th – 9th August 2019

Training packages are available for corporate and individual senior leaders, middle managers and small business owners.



1. LEAD SELF (USD 2,000)

This course employs tools that will guarantee your personal and business success. You will see the great value in thinking others first - to your personal and business growth. You will learn how to initiate growth by knowing how to expect the best. Here, you will learn how leaders see the world as it could be. You will also learn the value of responding with courage. We will help you appreciate that leadership is not for the fainthearted; and will show you how to confront difficult situations. You will also learn the value of readily accepting responsibility by stopping the blame game. Finally, you will learn how to keep on the growth path by having a continual hunger for wisdom. It’s for Advanced Level and Senior Leaders.


Participants will get an all-round understanding of an effective and results-based leadership. Individuals will be ready to lead complex teams in a manner that brings out the best in each team member. It’s for Advanced Level and Senior Leaders.


Selling is a learned skill. Participants will master the art of selling; from what they do before the sale begins, to what happens after closing the deal. They will get simple but tested skills on closing deals at higher rates, while establishing repeat business with their clients. It’s for Advanced Level and Senior Leaders.


Teams don’t just perform at their highest potential. The leaders have to know exactly how to nurture talent and deploy each team member where they most shine. Participants will master the art of creating employee buy-in and unwavering commitment - leading to increased individual and team productivity. It’s for Intermediary Level, Senior & Middle Managers.


1. Lead Self (USD 50)

2. Sales on Steroids (USD 50)

3. Becoming a Person of Influence (USD 50)

Early Bird rate: 31st May 2019. Enjoy 10% discount and 5 weeks of free mentorship on an online academy mastermind.

Your participation in this initiative will not only raise the leadership capacity in your organisation but will also provide the much-needed resources to invest in the raising of orphans in the care of Watoto.

TRAIN is an initiative of Watoto, in partnership with Solutions Africa and 104.1 PowerFM. To register for any of the above courses or for information,  call +256772912525, +256782830470 or Email:,

Download the brochure here.