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ICE BREAKER:  Have you encountered any conflicts in the recent past? 

The word conflict means ‘to strike together'. It may be described as a difference in opinion or purpose that frustrates someone's goals or desires. In marriage, a conflict is not just a difference in opinion but a situation in which a husband and wife are actively opposing or clashing with one another, either through attitudes, words, or actions. A wall is rising between them and the tension between them is quite high.

Gary Thomas Author of Sacred Marriage: "What marriage has done for me is hold up a mirror to my sin. It forces me to face myself honestly and consider my character flaws, selfishness, and anti-Christian attitudes, encouraging me to be sanctified and cleansed and to grow in godliness."

TEXT:  James 4:1-12


1. What in your view have been the major causes of conflict in your marriage?
2. What have you learned about yourself from these conflicts?
3. How have you endeavored to resolve the conflict you have encountered?
4. Why should we purpose to always follow Biblical ways of resolving conflict in marriage?                                        

PRAY for wisdom and courage to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and development in your marriage.

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