Marrieds' Cell Leaders Guide November 2019

Icebreaker:  Thank you for participating in MMO 2019, please share what you enjoyed the most and any testimonies so far.

The Power of Thanksgiving

TEXT: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Psalm 65:11, Luke 17:11-19


  1. Looking back at 2019, please share any two things that you are truly grateful to God for as a family / individual.
  2. From the scripture in Luke 17:15-19, what lessons can we learn about the power of thanksgiving from the one leper who returned.
  3. Share your prayer request and pray for God's blessings, provision and protection as we end the year


As a cell, plan an end of year celebration to thank God.

For prayer & counseling please call- 0776 260007/ 0777-935935

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 Faith Over Fear
Celebrating Christ, Caring for Community