Marrieds' Cell Leaders Guide May 2019

TOPIC: Practices of a Blessed Family

Happy Family Month to you. Its our prayer that your family will be blessed as we look at the Practices of a blessed Family.

Read: Psalm 112, Psalm 128


1. Please share some lessons from the Meisners’ teaching last this month.

2. From the scriptures you have read, what are some of the important pillars of a Blessed Family?

3. Share testimonies of how your family has been blessed by practicing PRAYER, reading GOD’S WORD and being GENEROUS. 

4. PRAY for each family, for protection and provision and CONNECT with the children this holiday.


1. Be part of the Parenting Equip Stream in the district. Buy your copy of the book - Growing Kids Gods Way. 40,000/=.

FAMILY MINISTRY: Building Strong, Healthy & Happy Families.

 Faith Over Fear
Celebrating Christ, Caring for Community