Marrieds' Cell Leaders Guide March 2019


Welcome & Worship:

Happy New month and greetings in Jesus name. We pray that this year, God will grant you and your family victory as you put your faith in God.                                   

TEXT: Hebrews 11:1/6, 2 Corinthians 1:20-21 

  1. Share some 2-3 audacious goals or Faith ventures that you and your Family are trusting God to help you accomplish this year
  2. We learnt that the Four Pillars of Faith are;-   COURAGE, OPTIMISM, DARING and being EXPECTANT. [CODE] Please share some practical ways in which you will apply these principles to help achieve your goals.
  3. Share any fears or obstacles that you think may hinder you in achieving your goals.
  4. Ephesians 3: 20 - PRAY for each other and commit YOUR plans to God. HE IS ABLE.

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 Faith Over Fear
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