Marrieds' Cell Leaders Guide July 2019

Married Cell Guide – JULY 2019

TOPIC: The Fathers Mandate

Icebreaker - How did you celebrate Fathers Day? Or share two things you liked about your Father.

The Role of a Father is critical in the wholesome development of a child and so we should seek to build strong relationships between Fathers and sons. All children have basic needs and need to know that they are LOVED, they BELONG and ACCEPTED. For a child, trust is the bridge that links his need to knowing that he is loved. Dads are bridge-builders and the trust built is a point of relational connection to family.

  1. Please share your views on the importance of Fathers spending QUALITY time verses QUANTITY time with  children.
  2. In Growing Kids Gods Way, the author spells 8 duties that cultivate and strengthen a child’s confidence in Dad’s Leadership. Please read through and discuss these 5 points with practical examples;-

i) A Father should cultivate a sense of family identity

ii) A Father should demonstrate love to his wife

iii) A Father should give his children freedom to fail

iv) A Father must be an encourager and routinely embrace his children

v) A Father must build a trusting relationship based on Gods word

  1. Let us pray that Fathers and Mothers will arise and play their godly role to nurture as  MODELS and MENTORS,

This week, let’s practice showing love to our children.


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