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  Watoto Church Home Cell 16 April 2014

Ice Breaker: If you were stuck in an elevator (lift) perhaps with just a cell phone, who would you call first?

Worship: Acknowledge God’s greatness by worshipping Him

Topic: Absolutely Unique: (Because He is Great) 

Text: Psalm 139:1-12, Matthew 19:26  
1. Our God is great because He is all-powerful. Share with the Cell how this power has been demonstrated in your life.

2. As a Christian, what is the benefit of living in the knowledge that; “God is all knowing”?
3. We live in communities that seem to lack God’s presence. How can we as Christians practically demonstrate the reality of God’s presence in our communities.  
1. Buy your Big Party Vision Tour ticket at UGX 20,000 at your Celebration Point before 4 May. Transport to our Sustainability Projects, Lunch, a Cultural Concert and transport back to your Celebration Point is included. 



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