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  Watoto Church Home Cell: 25 November 2015

Ice Breaker: Share a funny thing that you have done for someone you love.
Worship: Worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth.
Topic: Sustaining Healthy Relationships
Text: Matthew 4:1-11, James 1:22-25
1. Why is it important to have a healthy relationship with God if we are to sustain healthy relationships with one another?
2. How does the word of God benefit us in sustaining healthy relationships?
3. Give a personal testimony of how your obedience to God has drawn you closer to Him and influenced your relationship with others.
4. Luke 22:39-40, we see Jesus encouraging the disciples to pray. As a Cell, pray that we’ll be able to sustain healthy relationships.
1. Pass by the cell resource centres and get the names of children assigned to your cell. Let us start saving up to bless our Watoto children with a Christmas gift.
2. Volunteer Trainings continue at Watoto Church Downtown on 1st and 8th December 2015. Come and be part as we prepare to serve in our exciting end of year events.
3. Look out for these exciting end of year events;
Children’s Cantata: 6 December at Watoto Church Suubi and Bbira, 13 December at Watoto Church Gulu and Kansanga.
Christmas Cantata: 18-24 December at Watoto Church Downtown and Gulu.
All Night Sing: 31 December at Watoto Church Kyengera.
4. Morph Camp 2016 – Soul Survivor is taking place from 3rd to 9th January 2016 at Seroma Christian High School. Fee is 130k.

Celebrating Christ, Caring for community 





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