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  Watoto Church Home Cell: 4 March 2015
Ice Breaker: What is the craziest thing you have done for love or money?
Worship: In His presence, there’s fullness of joy
Topic: God’s Plan For Financial Prosperity – God must be first
Text: Exodus 13:12-13, Matthew 6:31-33

1. We learnt from last weekend’s sermon that God must be first in everything. Share why this is important to us as Christians
2. How can we use our material possessions to demonstrate that God is priority in our lives?
3. From Matthew 6:33, let us pray that as we seek first His kingdom, He will take care of our every need, and also provide for us to participate in building His kingdom.

1. Have you reported online yet using Cell Point? If not and you don’t know how to do it, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0776 001978
2. Are you or do you have a friend, sibling or child in S.6 Vacation under your care? Invite them this Thursday 26 Feb at Watoto Church – Downtown at 2pm for the i-connect launch. There will be lots of games, fun and experience in the word throughout their vacation.
3. Equip Nights are back: 5:30pm at your celebration point.
4. Watoto Church Kansanga was launched on 1 Feb 2015 with two services at 8am and 10am. Encourage your family and friends living in areas close to Kansanga to join us.





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