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  Watoto Church Home Cell: 4 May 2016
Ice Breaker: If you had a chance to spend/invest 10million shillings in your community; what would you spend it on and why?
Worship: Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.
Topic: Bringing Healing To The Community
Text: Isaiah 61:4, Hebrews 10:24
Our mandate as Watoto Church is to bring healing to the cities and the nations. In preparation for the Watoto Church Wide Seed Projects happening on Saturday 4 June 2016; this week, take some time to plan and seek God in preparation for this day.
1. Share some expressed needs in the community that as a Cell/Section, you are able to meet alongside the community.
2. Strategise on how you and the community can meet these expressed needs.
3. Identify one of the needs that you’ll be responding to in the community, assign roles amongst yourselves, draft a plan for the seed project to be done on 4th. Submit the plan at the district by 15 May.
4. Pray and dedicate the community and all the seed project plans to the Lord.
1. Cell, Section and Zone leaders, please mark your calendars; The Watoto Church seed projects will be happening on Saturday 4th June 2016. Begin to plan and engage the local authorities.
2. Watoto Church is seeking qualified people to fill the positions of District Administrator, Administrative Assistant and Logistics Administrator. Check the church notice boards for details.
3. Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames Gulu will be happening on 10 – 13 may 2016. Pray for a successful production and many to be drawn to the saving knowledge of Christ.
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