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  Watoto Church Home Cell: 1 June 2016
Ice Breaker: What do you like most about your neighbourhood and why?
Topic: Caring For Community
Recite the Watoto Church Vision… “We are… cities and nations”
Text: Nehemiah 2:17-18, Matthew 5:14-16

As we get ready to care for our neighbours by engaging in Seed Projects this weekend;
1. How does doing seed projects connect with our Watoto Church Vision?
2. Share testimonies of how our neighbourhoods have been impacted by Seed Projects we did in the recent past.
3. Take time to jointly go through this weekend’s seed project check list below;
a) What project are we doing and why?
b) Where is the project taking place and what is the expected number of beneficiaries (Impact)
c) Who are the other stake holders involved apart from Cell Members?
d) Do the Local Authorities (LC1) know about the project?
e) Do you have all the resources required?
 f) Who is coordinating it?
g) What are the roles of each one of us in the Cell?
h) What tine does the project start and end?
i) How are we going to document the project (Video and still photography)?


1. Watoto Church-wide Seed Projects will be happening on 4th June 2016. Be part of this transforming experience in your cell, section or zone.
2. Job Opportunity. 104.1 PowerFM is seeking a qualified Managing Director. Check the Church notice boards for details or here
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