17 August 2011

Graced with an evening downpour of rain, Watoto Church North hosted an empowering Family Show on 12 August. The atmosphere was filled with love and a strong sense of family.

The beginning of the event was laced with couples entering hand in hand and families catching up on the day's activities.

This was the first of monthly family events as District Pastor, Joshua Mugabi explained. The family evening will be a platform to share experience on various family matters including marriage, parenting, courtship, teen life, finances, and sex among others.

One of the highlights of the night included the musical sounds of gifted couple Denis and Unia Kiima performing “Love Is Here”. The entire crowd jumped up to sing and join in, as they enjoyed the performance. Other highlights included the celebration of two wedding anniversaries, to the backdrop of a barbeque and drinks.

Watoto Church North celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend.

Watoto Church North 10th Anniversary

Date: 21 August
Where: Watoto Church North, Kisaasi
Many lively activities including games between regions, T shirts, exhibition for businesses and yummy goodies all round.
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