20 July 2011

Cake, local food and a lot of cheering punctuated the welcome home party for 3 Watoto Children’s Choirs that left Uganda in January for a 6-month tour of Canada, Europe and USA.

Happy mothers, Watoto staff and most of all excited children chanted congratulatory messages to their peers as they received certificates of appreciation for their hard work while on tour.

“Thank you so much for being our ambassadors and welcome home,” said Dorcas Kibirige, Watoto Education Services Team Leader.

Two choirs are currently on the road in South Africa and Australia. Choir #51 leaves for Europe later in August while Choir#50 heads to the US in September for a golden production.

Visit our choir blog or www.watoto.com/choir to find the latest updates and to make choir bookings for 2012.

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