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God has shaped Watoto Church into a powerful and significant beacon of hope in Uganda and positioned it for influence in the rest of Africa and the world.

Watoto means 'the children' in Swahili, but to the world that has grown to know and love the ministry, to the multitudes of children and women who have been rescued and are being raised by it, to the nation of Uganda and the continent of Africa who are being empowered through it, the name is synonymous with the true meaning of what the church is meant to be.

Watoto Church is relational, not just theological. It is a church that rises up and captures the call of a Saviour to be the salt of the Earth and the light of the World, bringing hope to a devastated community.

"I have a dream that injustice will roll back like the morning sun as the church of God will become practical in its love, that poverty will become history because the church of the Lord Jesus Christ rose to the challenge of not only preaching the Gospel, but practising it through extravagant acts of godly generosity, equity, mercy, love and kindness, so that we will live to see in our day and in our generation debt reduction, fair trade, equal opportunity, proper housing, a solution to HIV/AIDS in a world that is changed by the most powerful force on the planet - the power of Jesus' love." Gary Skinner, Team Leader
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