Watoto Church Home Cell 23 August 2017
*To be used by the leader of the cell meeting only

Icebreaker: How do you like this advert “Live For Now”

Worship: Worship the Lord in Song


Text: Matthews 24:3-14, Luke 21:20-36

1. Do you believe in the second coming of Jesus, why/why not?
2. Why should we look forward to the return of Jesus?
3. What are the signs of Jesus' return?
4. How should we live, in preparation, knowing that He is coming back? 

1. The Choir Auditions: If you have been a member of cell for over 6 months, there is an opportunity to join the church choir. Choir Auditions. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s August 22, 24, 29 & 31 Watoto Church Downtown, 6pm. Bring your beautiful voice and your cell leader’s recommendation with you to the audition. See you there.
2. Pre-Marital Counseling sessions are ongoing for those planning to wed between October 2017 & April, 2018. Every Tuesday 5:30pm at Watoto Church Downtown and Friday 5:30pm at Ntinda and Lubowa. Inquiries: 0776-260007/0776-260071 or E-mail: info@watotochurch.com
3. Evening of worship and Prayer: Friday 25 August 2017, 6:30pm at Watoto Church Downtown
4. Report online: Inquiries: cell@watotochurch.com or call/whatsapp 0776001978.


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