Each One Reach ONE

The Vision

Watoto Church – 2011

2011 is here and comes with new hopes and expectations. We are grateful for finishing yet another phenomenal year in 2010 building God’s House, but even more excited to start a new one, especially as we seek to expand God’s Kingdom in our cities and nations.

Chris Komagum, the Pastoral Team Leader Watoto Church explains: “Our Theme for 2011 is to “Fill God’s House” with the key objective for each one of us to reach one other person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our aim is not to increase in number, but to reach people with the love of Christ, helping them experience the love and live out God’s will for their lives. The goal is for every single member of Watoto Church to win one person to Christ this year; bring him or her to Church, follow him or her up, plug him or her into a cell and then register him or her for New Life and Discipleship classes.”

To achieve this, we will facilitate a four month series titled “Jesus’ Mission”. This will take place in the first quarter (January-April). The message is about envisioning and provoking people to develop a passion for perishing souls. The next four months’ series (May-August) will be “Our Missionary Mandate”. Here, we will unveil the Great Commission, preaching from Acts 1-6.

The last quarter (September-December), we will focus on the final series for 2011 titled “Soul Winning”. Here, we will look at ways to reach the lost through evangelism including street evangelism, personal evangelism, social networking, literature, events and others. During this time, we will host a multimedia production of Broadway quality called Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. Watoto Church will present this stellar stage production in the latter part of September before planning our annual gift to the city and nation in the form of the Christmas Cantata in December.

Our prayer is that as a member of Watoto Church, you will catch the vision and passionately rally after it, doing everything you can to make the name of Jesus famous. Reach those close to you with the love of Christ. Subscribe to our eNewsletter for regular updates. Also be the first to know about any new events and updates and help us spread the word by becoming one of our Watoto Church networkers. Write to us at connect@watotochurch.com for more information.